26 May 2008


"CareSearch is an online resource of palliative care information and evidence. All materials included in this website are reviewed for quality and relevance." It is sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and in cooperation with Flinders University, Adelaide.

The site is divided into: what is palliative care? for patients and families, finding services, clinical practice, finding evidence, education, research resources, and professional groups. There are quick links for those working with indigenous populations and for general practitioners.

I'm not a medical librarian, so I can't judge the content, but it looks good and useful--even for those outside Australia.

URL: http://www.caresearch.com.au/

25 May 2008


Middlespot is a really neat new search engine. You enter a term (or terms) and you get both a list of hits and a mosaic of screen shots. If you click on the screen shot it takes you to the cite/site (unintentional pun). That in itself is nice, but what I like is that I found links that I'd never seen before. I searched on my name (of course) and on "one person library" and "solo librarian" and was amazed at the results.

There are other nice features, such as being able to store individual results on your personal workpad and share that workpad with others. It is sponsored, but the ads are very inconspicuous. That makes Middlespot free, which we all like. There's a tutorial slide show to help you get started but you don't really need it. The only negative I could find is that there's a limit of 75 citations per search, but if you don't find something in the first 75 hits, you're probably not going to find it anyway.

URL: http://www.middlespot.com/

24 May 2008


The Central New York Library Resources Council (Syracuse, New York, USA) has put up a wonderful Mentoring Toolkit. Included is a definition of mentoring, common questions from mentors or mentees, a memo of understanding form between a mentor and a mentee, additional activities that mentors and mentees can do together, and a link to other resources from the Council. Thanks to CLRC and the Federal Institute of Museums and Library Services who provided the money to develop this resource.

URL: http://www.clrc.org/mentoring

20 May 2008


The Toronto Public Library Consumer Health Information Service has put together a wiki “to help you find reliable, understandable health information for you and your family.” The site includes information on locating reliable health information, links to various resources, a browsable list of over 500 current information files held by the library, several health FAQs, and toll-free number for various Ontario health services and organizations. Some of the site is also available in French. Looks to be pretty useful.

URL: http://chis.wikidot.com/

05 May 2008


The State Library of Iowa has several downloadable posters with “fantastic photos and quotes [that] can be used by any library—no need to customize.” Most were developed with a grant by the Illinois State Library using funds provided by the federal Library Services and Technology Act.

Some of the ones available are Can't judge a book by its cover! (teen with orange hair) Who would have thought there's actually cool stuff here? (for teens) Books are good for young children...and not just for teething. (for preschoolers) For people who like to read the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (nonfiction) You mean it...we're really going to the Library? (toddler) Today's Library. Think More. Summertime...and the reading is easy (for adults) He is Into Needlepoint (tattooed man) Tutor doesn't have to be a scary word Young Latino man (in Spanish) Family Destination (in Spanish) Hot days. Cool books. Great prizes. Young girl in star-shaped sunglasses. We think your question deserves more than, "Uh, I think that might be, like in aisle four?" (to highlight helpful staff) It's okay if you don't know what URL stands for. Really. My Library is the Greatest Because... (download and print, let customers write their comments on why they value their libraries, great information for annual reports, budget presentations, etc.)

URL: http://www.statelibraryofiowa.org/ld/tell-library-story/Props/posters