18 June 2007


Compiled from various sources...

Aus Library Technician, http://auslibrarytechnician.blogspot.com, The library life of Australian library technician, New South Wales Department of Corrective Services, AustraliaThe Library Dude! http://librarydude.blogspot.com, The Day by day of a Library Technician in the big bad world, [ACT Library and Information Services, Griffith, Australian Capitol Territory] but changing jobs

LibrarySupportStaff.org, http://blog.librarysupportstaff.org, not a blog, is a great resource for finding blogs and other resources for library techs

Library Technician, http://librarytechnician.blogspirit.com/, Life as a long term techie of the library variety, from Australia

Library Technician Training in Australia, http://www.auslttraining.blogspot.com, also from Kevin Dudeny

Library Technicians: Education, Training, Practice, Career, Jobs, etc., http://lit2542006.blogspot.com, Educational techniques, tools, and trends have a great similarity among many disciplines that have adopted the Information Technology. This blog will adapt what suits the Library profession, with special reference to Library Technicians, from Mohamed Taher [Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians, http://nsalt.blogspot.com/

Paraprose, http://nclpa.wordpress.com, North Carolina Library Paraprofessional Association (NCLPA).

WLA Paraprofessionals
, http://blog.wyla.org/parapro/, Wyoming Library Association