22 April 2008


In these trying economic times, public libraries need all the help they can get. Alice Sneary of OCLC has posted a great way to promote a public library on It's All Good, OCLC's blog.

"I know all too well the whole 'the library is free' mentality is a double-edged sword--it's free but it must be funded adequately."

[Actually, the public library isn't free--it's prepaid with tax dollars. Judy]

"But I was thinking that the economic downturn could be just the thing for libraries to use as a springboard to make their case to the American [and any other] public:
1. We are a vital city service--as important as electricity or clean water. [I'm not too sure about this one.]
2. Use us in good times and in bad.
3. We welcome all the people of the community here for technology access.
4. Hope lives here, at the library--hope for improvement.

"When all the headlines you see are about closing doors and belt-tightening, we can stand out from all the bad news; our doors are open, we are the place to come for education, entertainment, information--basically, we are the place!"

URL: http://scanblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/economic-downturn-could-be-uplifting.html

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