07 August 2008


The classic book, Managing Knowledge in Health Sciences, edited by Andrew Booth and Graham Walton, London: Facet, 2000, is now available online. (It had been out of print, but the publisher has allowed it to be placed online). Contributors and subjects are:
Linda Banwell, Evaluating information services
Andrew Booth, Identifying users’ needs; making a case; organizing information resources; delivering and accessing resources; marketing a service, formulating the question; selecting appropriate sources, searching the Internet; organizing a personal knowledge base; keeping up to date with the knowledge base
Sharon Dobbins, Identifying resources
Louise Falzon, searching the databases
John Hewlett, Health service information providers
Alison Hicks, Training the users
Donald Mackay, Consumer health information
Jane Mackenzie, Health service libraries
Suzy Paisley, filtering and evaluating the knowledge base
Christine Urquhart: Health service users of information
Graham Walton, Health services: a contemporary approach; providing direction and management for health library and information services

URL: http://www.shef.ac.uk/scharr/mkhs/

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