11 March 2009


Mick Jacobsen of the Skokie (Illinois) Public Library has a great post on Tame the Web.
The Importance of the Non-Techie or How I Learned to Stop Pulling Out My Hair and Love my Luddite gives three good hints for how to work with the staff member (or customer) who just isn't into technology.

1. Listen.
Never dismiss what your Luddite says. You may not see how it applies, but it surely does in their eyes. You might be introducing the wrong technology at that particular time or you may need to reexamine the technology. The Luddite may very well have thought of something you haven’t and it may not be as useful as you hope.
2. Don’t push too hard (if you can avoid it).
Sometimes all it takes is talking to them at the right time. Understand their schedule. Some people are ready to play at the start of the day, some after lunch, some while eating lunch, etc.
3. Respect.

Their concerns are not generated from hate of technology or lack of intelligence; it is because they don’t see the point. Show how you are personally using this new technology, how others are using it, and how they specifically could. Hypothetical situations just don’t seem to work.

As a side note it is probably better not call anybody a Luddite.

URL: http://tametheweb.com/2009/03/11/ttw-guest-post-love-thy-luddite/

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