15 September 2009

Another Transition for Ms. OPL

As another step toward real retirement, I have decided to close this blog.

I've been busy organizing the One-Person Librarian archives at the University of Illinois (a project almost done, but still open to new contributions) and planning the Special Libraries course that I am co-teaching in the Spring (with Lian Ruan of the Illinois Fire Service Institute). So you can see that I still have my hand in the OPL waters. I just am not blogging much. So, this is as good a time as any to close it.

Also, I have closed my company, Information Bridges International, and am discontinuing its website at http://www.ibi-opl.com. However, I have take much of the information on those pages and created a new, personal, website at http://sites.google.com/site/foropls. And, finally, I am changing my email address from jsiess@ibi-opl.com to jsiess1@gmail.com.

I'll still be around, just in different places, so feel free to contact me with questions, problems, success stories, and contributions for the archives.

Thank you all SO much for all the years of help and support. I couldn't have done it without you!

Keep on keeping on--and enjoy!

Judith Siess
(formerly known as Ms. OPL)

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jplie said...

Thanks a lot for your work and input! Sincerely, Juergen