13 September 2006


David Cornwall [Juneau, Alaska, USA], blogging at Alaskan Librarian called our attention to the gift policy of the Seldovia Public Library. He likes it--and I do too--because it words the policy in very positive terms. “So if your gifts policy is in need of revision, or you’re looking for a way to avoid saying, ‘No! We don’t want any!’ check out what Seldovia Public Library is doing.”

Here are some excerpts from their policy (all emphasis mine).

While the library is very pleased to receive donations of books that expand our collection in identified areas of need or that can be sold to augment our grant funding, there are things donors can do to help us take best advantage of your donations.” The donor becomes a partner with the library in order to maximize his or her donation.

Other recipients might be better able to make better use of your donations, and we can help guide you to some of these.” Much better than, “we don’t want.”

To get donors to call first, and not leave items outside, they give an example. “Recently, a very large donation was left outside the library, without notice, for days…the books became weather-damaged as well as suffering from the territorial marking practices of local dogs. Would you want to read these books or have your children read them? What a sad waste, and one that could have been prevented with a phone call.” Gives an example and states the requested action.

“These are some donation types we welcome” and “These are some donation types that we regretfully cannot make use of.” A very positive introductions to their itemized lists.


Cornwall’s article:


Alaskan Librarian:

Seldovia’s donation policy:


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Daniel said...

Thank you very kindly for the shout-out for Alaskan Librarian. Looking over your postings I think your readers might also enjoy Alaska Bush Library Service, which is more library-focused than Alaskan Librarian librarian and also focuses on libraries with small staffs.

I'm also very happy to learn about OPL plus and have added it to my Bloglines subscriptions.