08 September 2006


Sorry for the gap in posting. I was in rainy, humid, hot southern Florida for a family event and couldn't post. I hope these make up for it.

AASL Advocacy Toolkit: Because Student Achievement IS the Bottom Line


The American Association of School Libraries has compiled this collection of ready-to-use tools to conduct an advocacy campaign—large or small—for school library media programs.

Google News archive Search


“Provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives. In addition to helping you search, News archive search can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods.”

Salida Regional Library (Colorado) tries books by color:

“What if the library rearranged it's books by color? Instead of Dewey Decimal numbers such as 306.73 or 978.847, we could have B123 (for Blue #123). Better yet, we could sort by color and size, and the spine label might say something like RS27 (for Red Small #27). New books would get added to the end of their color sections, so finding newer books would be easy. You could no longer browse the shelves by subject matter, but you might more easily find a book you’d seen before. Most people can recall the color and size of books they’ve read. My favorite such description: ‘It had a simple white cover, kind of like the Google homepage.’ And people remember where, too. Like most people, librarians easily remember ‘red book, shoulder high, to the right.’”

U.S. Adults More Likely to Turn to the Web For Legal Information


A new survey from lawyers.com reveals that there is a decline in relying on friends and family for legal advice.

Create Your Own Catalog Card


It’s really cute—try it.

GlobaLex Research Guide on International Health Law


From Chenglin Liu, Foreign and International Librarian at the O'Quinn Law Library at the University of Houston (Texas) Law Center and the Hauser Global Law School, New York University.

How to Blog a Conference


Suggestions on developing a conference blogging plan from Josh Hallett, a consultant on using blogs for public relations and marketing success.

McMaster University Library Blog


The McMaster University Library (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is a blog sponsored by the University Librarian, Jeffrey Trzeciak. It is intended as a interactive mechanism for distributing and receiving feedback on library-related news.

This Week in LibraryBlogLand


This summary of good posts appears on lisnews.org every Monday before noon (Central time).

Resources on Labor


From Michel Adrien, librarian at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Free Printable Highway Maps


Maps and travel guides for the USA, Canada, and Mexico. There is less detail for Mexico, but these are pretty good.

12 Really Necessary Things to Learn


A list from Guy Kawasaki (of angel investor matchmaking service Garage) of what he wished he learned in school before he graduated.

1. How to talk to your boss.

2. How to survive a meeting that’s poorly run.

3. How to run a meeting.

4. How to figure out anything on your own.

5. How to negotiate.

6. How to have a conversation.

7. How to explain something in thirty seconds.

8. How to write a one-page report.

9. How to write a five-sentence email.

10. How to get along with co-workers.

11. How to use PowerPoint.

12. How to leave a voicemail.

Marketing the Small Library


From Shannon Roy, State Library of Kansas, for librarians in “small public libraries.” Includes: The Supreme Importance of Planning: including internal and external scans; The Human Side of Marketing: to local government, community leaders, library users, and target audiences; Marketing Library Services: the facility, the collections, public services, and through programs; Tools for Marketing: with the media, self-publishing, through electronic information, and community fundraising; People Who Can Help: staff, volunteers, trustees, friends, active library users, computer buffs, local artists, speakers, fundraisers, and members of the target audience; Resources.



Notes posted by US State Department Information Resource Centers around the world. Links to good resources you might have missed.

Get Organized Here!


LifeOrganizers.com is a rich resource of office and home organizing articles, tips, and fresh, easy ideas on how to get rid of clutter from every part of your life... from the garage to your filing cabinet to your spiritual matters! We show you how to organize anything and everything! Get organized completely with us—read one article a day, put one suggestion into action a day. Includes: organizing your home clutter, organizing your office, organize your time, get your finances organized, moving and real estate, and school and family. You can subscribe to their e-newsletter, too.

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