17 July 2007


I found these technology standards on the Internet (from Livonia Michigan schools). It was a real eye-opener!

Prior to completion of First Grade, students will:
Use all the letters on the keyboard
Will correctly use the shift, backspace, delete, and spacebar keys on the keyboard
Use a word processor to type at least a sentence
Print a document

Prior to completion of Second Grade, students will:
Use a word processor and be able to change the font, font size and font color
Use a drop down menu
Open a document
Save a document
Use the library system to find a book--YEA!
Use the Internet for guided research

Prior to completion of Third Grade student will:
Be able to copy and paste within a document
Use spell check
Insert a graphic into a word processing document
Use the Internet to communicate

1 comment:

La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

That is really wild. In our household we do not let our kids use the computer. I figured that I didn't really do much with computers until high school and I turned out alright.

My son is entering 1st grade and reads at a 5th grade level--which I think is a far more important skill than keyboard literacy (at this point).

His school does have computer class, and the work he would bring home from kindergarten showed that he wasn't all that savvy --but again, this wasn't a real concern.

So, although my child cannot do all these things, I think that there are other skills that are more important than being computer literate at six years old.