21 July 2007


“Information Ethics is the first site of its kind in the UK. Its principal role is to offer a point of reference for members of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) to relate their practical experiences to the Institute’s Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Practice, providing editorial commentary on key issues and facilitating member discussion of ethical dilemmas in the workplace.”

There are also links to news or events, the principles and code, case studies, resources,, and a blog, CILIP Information Ethics. The editors of the site are Jonathan Gordon-Till and Sylvia Simmons, the principals in InfoResponse Associates. The site is also a joint venture with Oxford Business Intelligence.

It is wonderful to see something like this, with all the resources in one place. Is there anything like this is in the USA? If you know of a site, let me know.

Information Ethics: http://www.infoethics.org.uk/CILIP/admin/index.htm
CILIP Information Ethics blog:

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Jonathan Gordon-Till (CILIP InfoEthics) said...

Thank you for your nice remarks about the CILIP InoEthics site. Indeed, we should be very interested to hear of any comparable site in the USA or elsewhere (and will happily link InfoEthics to any relevant material).

Just one small correction in your original post: the editors of CILIP InfoEthics - Sylvia and Jonathan - are principals of InfoResponse Associates and Oxford Business Intelligence respectively. The site is a joint venture between our firms.