04 July 2008


It seems that every other day there is a new library networking site announced. I don't think we need this many sites and many or most of them will probably die from lack of support, activity, or money, but here's the latest--and it seems pretty good.

LibGig: Your Career, Your Community is "dedicated to bringing together everyone who accesses, organizes, creates, manages, produces or distributes information for a living." A big purview to be sure, but it's nice that they named it LibGig and not InfoGig or such.

It consists of three sections: careers, schools, and community. Careers has searchable job listings--currently free for both sides, but employers will be charged a pretty reasonable fee (US$99 per month) soon. Most of them look pretty interesting and varied. There is also a resume doctor (Meredith Lavine), sample resumes, and career questions and answers.
Schools has, in addition to a list of all ALA accredited LIS schools, alumni profiles and links to continuing education and certification opportunities. I would like to see this expand to include listings of schools, etc. from outside North America.
Finally, Community has three exclusive blogs and links to others, new product announcements, an event calendar, and industry news. Here there's a forum, too. Not much on it yet, but it could improve.

Who's behind LibGig? Larry Honig is the principal of LAC New Ventures, a technology entrepreneur, and has worked for MIT's Lincoln Lab, the Gartner Group, and Broadcasting & Cable magazine. Raissa Fomerand is LAC's VP of sales and marketing and a librarian! She was publisher and founder of The Librarians Yellow Pages. Web content manager is Gabe Geltzer.

URL: http://www.libgig.com

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