02 July 2008


Tom Nielsen, a former OPL who is now the Member Services Manager at the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO, a library consortium serving libraries in NYC and Westchester County, north of the city) would like you to know about a great regional professional membership for any solos who don’t get a lot of support from their employer but still want to stay in touch with other info pros.

METRO has launched a new membership category called myMETRO. myMETRO provides a full range of services in professional development and career support for individual librarians, information professionals, students, support staff and retirees. Previously, METRO membership was limited to libraries, archives and research organizations in New York City and Westchester County, New York. With myMETRO, individuals from across the region can take advantage of myMETRO benefits such as: discounts on METRO workshops, professional development grants, networking events and receptions, and special career-focused courses designed to increase the skills and leadership abilities of information professionals.

Note: membership is $100 for professionals, $50 for retirees or students.

For more information, contact Tom 212 228 2320 x16 or or check out their website at http://tinyurl.com/3q2kvm.

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