18 December 2008


“The ticTOCs Journal Tables of Contents service makes it easy for academics, researchers, students and anyone else to keep up-to-date with newly published scholarly material by enabling them to find, display, store, combine and reuse thousands of journal tables of contents from multiple publishers.” The service covers 11,140 scholarly journals from 420 publishers, with links to full-text of nearly 300,000 articles. Unfortunately, most of the articles are not free. You can even export the TOC feeds to popular feedreaders. If you register (free), your journal list is saved. I found about 25 journals that cover library issues—mostly in the UK.

URL: http://www.tictocs.ac.uk/index.php?action=home

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zomba said...

Hi Judith,

Thanks for mentioning ticTOCs. Not all of the journal titles in ticTOCs have been matched up with subject headings yet, so if you search ticTOCs for keywords such as 'library' and 'information' as well as searching for the subject of 'library' you should find more titles of interest.

Roddy MacLeod
ticTOCs Management Support