02 December 2008


Not Like Those Other Librarians
M.K. Engle (Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA] was told by one of the first students she met, “You’d make a fun librarian. Not like those boring ones.” She blogs about how to walk the fine line between a “fun” librarian and a “professional” one. This is a line most of us have trouble treading. Her post is very interesting—as are the eight comments on the post.
URL: http://yalsa.ala.org/blog/2008/11/20/not-like-those-other-librarians/

What do students want to see in a library newsletter?
Georgia Tech University, Atlanta puts issues of their library newsletter in the bathroom stalls. Brian Mathews has been helping to assess the success of the newsletter. This post lists what men and women want in the newsletter. Here are their top five:
Men: fun stuff, events, study tips, cool resources, new stuff on campus
Women: campus info, interesting facts, events on campus, good books, events in town.
Some good ideas here for your newsletter.
URL: http://theubiquitouslibrarian.typepad.com/the_ubiquitous_librarian/2008/12/what-do-students-want-to-see-in-a-library-newsletter.html

Dublin (Ireland) City Public Libraries’ library portals—two versions
A post (I forget where) sent me to Dublin’s portal using Pageflakes. It is really nice. But it has been superseded by one using Netvibes. Both will give you some great ideas. Which do you like best?
Pageflakes: http://www.pageflakes.com/dublincitypubliclibraries/
Netvibes: http://www.netvibes.com/dublincitypubliclibraries/

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Susan said...

Thanks for the great resources. I have gotten similar comments about being a fun approachable librarian. I appreciate it but I feel bad that they have encountered unapproachable librarians. Seriously, who becomes a librarian and then is grouchy about it? Why would they bother? Certainly not for the pay.