17 February 2009


1. SOLO Librarians Division, http://wiki.sla.org/display/SLADSOL/Welcome
It is new and there isn’t much there yet. Of course YOU can change that by adding content: resources that you think other solos would like to know about, for instance.
2. SLA Toronto Chapter Solos, http://wiki.sla.org/display/Toronto/Solo+Librarians
definitions, backgrounders (links to articles), links to other sites, survey results, and other resources. VERY useful!
3. Other SLA wikis can be found at http://wiki.sla.org/dashboard.action You will have to register, but it’s free. Subjects: 2009 Conference, 23 Things (Web 2.0), divisions and chapters, SLA Centennial, competencies, information ethics, new info pros, leadership, unconference (sharing ideas, events), wikis 101 and wiki sandbox (try wikis for yourself).

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