22 December 2005

MARKETING IDEA: Check Out Umbrellas

No More Rainy Days at Palm Harbor Library

The Palm Harbor (Florida) Public Library came up with a really neat idea. When it rains, they have umbrellas that can be checked out, just like books. The 36 umbrellas was funded by their Friends group and have the library's logo on them.

I found this on Marketing Treasures, from Chris Olson & Associates (http://www.chrisolson.com/marketingtreasures/vol14/Vol14N12DECEMBER05.html). Chris adds, "It would easy to take this idea a step further and offer library customers the option of purchasing uncataloged umbrellas. You could actually make this into an annual promotion event -- when it rains the library has you covered. Or this idea could be worked into a fundraiser by creating a limited edition version of the umbrella with special artwork, numbering the umbrella "editions," and selling them at the library and through local retail shops. You could have the original artwork for the umbrella signed by the artist and framed, and then raffled off. " What a neat idea!

By the way, if you don't already subscribe to Marketing Treasures, go to http://www.chrisolson.com/marketingtreasures/mtsignup.html and sign up. It's free, monthly, and full of good ideas for promoting your library, be it public or special.

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