16 December 2005


Hello, out there in Blogland. This is my first post, so bear with me.

I've set this blog up for all one-person or solo librarians anywhere--in public, corporate, special, academic, or whatever type of library; in the US, Australasia, Europe, or wherever.

What will be on this blog?
1. neat new sites I've found, or resources I've come across
2. meetings of solo/opl groups anywhere
3. my random thoughts on issues of importance to OPLs

For the time being, only I can post to this blog. Allowing comments, I'm told, just opens up the door to spam. SO, if you have something that you want to say to the others, just email it to me and I will post it. (email: jsiess@ibi-ipl.com).

This blog will not replace my newsletter, The One-Person Library. The newsletter will continue to be published, both in print and electronically, for the forseeable future. This blog will augment the newsletter. For a while now I have been frustrated when I find a neat new resources or website and can't tell you all about it for a month or more because of production schedules or space. Now I can put such information out as soon as I find it. Nice, eh?

Longer articles will still be in the newsletter, as will many of the items I put up on the blog (for those not yet into blogging). For those of you who do not yet subscribe to the newsletter, check out my website, http://www.ibi-opl.com, for more information on subscribing. (Hey, it's a bargain at only US$69 for the electronic version.)

This is an experiment, so bear with me, okay? Now, on with the blog.

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