17 May 2006


Here are four blogs by librarians that I’ve just discovered. Some have been around a while; some are just starting; all are worth taking a look at.

Alt ref

“This blog will focus on new approaches toward providing library assistance to patrons…or whatever else I feel like rambling on about.” From Brian Mathews, Information Services Librarian & Distance Learning Services Coordinator, The Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Check out his post, “Fun with Library Catalogs!” (http://altref.blogspot.com/2006/05/
)—it has two videos showing how confusing the online catalog is to our customers.
URL: http://altref.blogspot.com

Ab’s blog

“Links, information, and some analysis about library tech stuff” from Abigail Bordeaux, Binghamton (New York) University Libraries. There’s a good post on “Keeping Up: Beyond the Library” (http://library.lib.binghamton.edu/mt/abs/archives/2006/05/
URL: http://library.lib.binghamton.edu/mt/abs/

The “M” Word

“A blog designed to bring the wonderful world of marketing to librarians.” This is a topic near and dear to my heart and I’m really glad to see more marketing information being put out there by and for librarians. This one is from Nancy Dowd, “marketer” for the New Jersey State Library. There’s not too much there at the moment, but I have great hopes for this site.
URL: http://themwordblog.blogspot.com/


“Taking the pulse of medical librarianship.” This new blog (May 2006) is by Mary Carmen Chimato and Darren Chase of the Health Sciences Library, Stony Brook (NY) University. It’s a good-looking blog with lots of promise.
URL: http://medlibrarian.net

If you are a librarian with a blog or know of a good one, please send me your URL so I can promote it on OPL Plus.

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