25 May 2006


The Canadian Library Association has created a wonderful website designed to promote the library and information profession in Canada. Info*Nation is looking for your help to gather profiles of diverse people that work in Canadian libraries. They ask, “If you're passionate about what you do and want to help promote librarianship in Canada, fill out the form below. If you know someone who is a perfect fit for this project, you should encourage them to fill out the form too (bake them cookies if you have to).” (The site creators have a delightful sense of humor.)

The current site is only the pre-launch version; “the official launch version of the Info*Nation site will be directed at those considering a career in libraries (and it'll be even cooler than this one)”.

Info*Nation is a project of the CLA President's Council on the 8Rs recruitment working group. (The 8Rs are: Recruitment, Retention, Remuneration, Reaccreditation, Repatriation, Rejuvenation, Retirement and Restructuring.) Its aim is to recruit some new blood to the information professions. The site explains, “By ‘professions,’ we are talking broadly about all people whose ‘profession’—vocation, calling, employment—is working in libraries; not just librarians with too many degrees. We want to emphasize the diverse elements of library work and break down some of the stereotypes associated with libraries. At the same time we want to recruit personnel that continue to be committed to the core values of libraries (public service, learning, literacy, access to information, regular coffee breaks, etc.). Besides, at some point a whole bunch of senior librarians and library technicians are going to retire and it would be nice to have one or two competent individuals to fill the void. "

The site also has some fantastic free graphics (wallpapers, etc.) to help you spread the word—they show young, connected librarians and library users.

URL: http://www.cla.ca/infonation/index.htm

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