19 May 2006


Library Support Staff.com

Finding and Accessing ~ those ‘links’ that will benefit, educate and illuminate you, for the betterment of YOU, Your Job, and Your workplace.” From Mary Niederlander, former library technician in a hospital library in Buffalo, New York (now retired), the site includes on the job help, educational sites, library journals, reference sites, information on job hunting, web publishing, fun stuff, and other good stuff—all done with a great sense of humor. Not just for support staff!

URL: http://www.librarysupportstaff.com

Library Technician

“Life as a long term techie of the library variety.” From an experienced Australian library technician, newly employed after being made redundant (laid off) from a large state library. He provides a different slant on library issues. For example, check out his post “Not really interested anymore” at http://library

URL: http://librarytechnician.blogspirit.com/

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