13 July 2006


The HW Wilson Company has a website, standardcatalogs.com, that they call “the librarian’s resource for collection development. Some are primarily for public or school librarians (Editor’s Pick, Graphic Novels and Periodicals for School Libraries), but most are for any librarian.

Best lists (for librarians, readers, professional committees, newspapers and periodicals, bestsellers and award winners, and reference books)

Hot Topics (global warming, hurricanes, New Orleans, new media blogs, pandemics, and soccer at the moment)

Librarians’ Home Pages, Blogs, & Other Links (many public or school libraries, but some are for other types)

The most useful list is Best Professional Books for Librarians, classified as general, the Internet, library management, collection development, cataloging, library instruction, public libraries, services to special groups, children’s services, teens’ services, school libraries, and books and reading.

URL: http://standardcatalogs.com/best_pro.htm

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