31 July 2006

OPL MANAGEMENT TIP: The Library 2.0 Ideas Whiteboard

Although the Library 2.0 random idea generator creates many ridiculous or just plain funny lines, some are well worth reading and implementing in your library. Among them:

impress your patrons with a podcast
add metadata
consolidate your Baby Boomer colleagues with comfy chairs and coffee
completely reinvent the Netflix model and use it to create a virtual library
investigate Stephen Abram at the next conference you attend
improve your library with comfy chairs and coffee
completely reinvent your outdated Information Desk
investigate the Library Success Wiki
discard your ''NO cell phone'' posters
re-evaluate your library
introduce social networks
virtualize your Library Director with a weblog
completely reinvent the OPAC
leverage the power of social software

And here is my favorite: talk about Stephen Abram and worship him from a respectable distance—to which I add, AMEN! (This last is a somewhat shameless plug for my next book, Out Front with Stephen Abram: A Guide for Information Leaders, Writings compiled by Judith Siess and Jonathan Lorig, due from ALA Editions in early 2007.)


Library Success Wiki: http://www.libsuccess.org/

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