23 July 2006


I have found a wonderful new blog, The Corporate Librarian: Addressing issues of general interest to corporate librarians. The blog is a product of Steven (last name unknown), a researcher for a consulting, outsourcing and technology firm, specializing in the U.S. insurance marketplace. He hopes the blog will be useful for sharing best practices, concerns and industry trends, across the general spectrum of corporate libraries.

Recent posts have included the results of a survey on his blog, budgeting, outsourcing, marketing, knowledge management, virtual libraries, and corporate libraries and Library 2.0. If you work in a corporate library, you should be reading this blog.

Other similar blogs you should watch are The Industrial Librarian from Dave Hook [MD Robotics, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada] and Carolyne's Pages of Interest from Carolyne Sidey [Xerox Research Center, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada].


The Corporate Librarian: http://buslib.wordpress.com/

The Industrial Librarian: http://davehook.blogspot.com/

Carolyne's Pages of Interest: http://carolyne-stuff.blogspot.com/

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Steven said...

Thanks for the mention!