07 August 2006


Jonko.com, an automobile reference and opinion site that uses an all-volunteer staff to offer a variety of auto repair tips, tricks, and tutorials, was launched in 1999 to sell one item. It has obviously grown, but still has a lot of ads. They have nearly 500 registered users, 160 categories in their database, 165 links, and over 40,000 page views.

The best features are their auto diagnostic forums and articles and their tutorials. The diagnostics series is by Austin Davis of TrustMyMechanic.com. Some of the subjects are: What do I do after an accident? What can I do about my squealing brakes? And Do I need to worry about the check engine light? Their auto repair tutorials cover subjects like: Overheating Quick Fixes, Common Leaks, Select an Auto Repair Shop, Check Your Fluids, and Change Your Spark Plugs.

There is also Kyle Busch’s Corner with articles such as: Questions to ask When Buying a Used Car, Fuel Efficient Automobiles, Making Big Repairs on a Small Budget, and Saving Money When Buying a Used Car.

URL: http://www.jonko.com

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