28 August 2006


Law Librarian Shares Her “Save” Folder

http://resevoir.wordpress.com [yes, resevoir is misspelled]

Law Librarian Gwen Friedman [Montgomery McCracken, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA] has a great new blog called FMI—For My Information. She uses it like a file folder, to organize information that she wants to keep. The nice thing about this is that we get to see what’s in her folder, too. Thanks Gwen!

From a Library Web Manager


Nicole Engard is a library school student and web manager at the Jenkins Law Library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Her blog is called What I Learned Today…. In it she covers Web 2.0, programming tips, blogs, rss, wikis, php programming, and more. Again, we should thank Nicole for sharing her learning experience.

And Now a Word from Canada


Michel-Adrien Sheppard, alias Library Boy, has a great blog that he describes as “law library world odds and ends from the Supreme Court of Canada.” He frequently highlights resources that we might not normally encounter. A recent post was on science and law resources—some good stuff here. Library Boy is well worth adding to your aggregator.

To Help the Nurses in Your Constituency


Stephen Barnett, liaison and information literacy coordinator [Casuarina Campus, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia], has created a blog on Evidence-Based Nursing. He says” this blog serves as a guide to the topic of evidence-based nursing. It will point to good resources, learning and teaching materials, etc. for nurses and librarians associated with evidence-based nursing. This blog came out of a discussion with our academic nursing staff, when I suggested I might like to build some resources for their students and colleagues.” This blog is very much like the blogs above in that it lists links he’s come across in his work. The fact that it’s from Australia gives us access to resources we might miss otherwise.

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