05 November 2006

Favourite Consumer Health Sites from HELP

What's HELP? It's the impressive new Health Education Library for People from Mumbai (Bombay), India. Be sure you have your sound on before going to their website. http://healthlibrary.com/seminar/favourites.html


Three resources from HELP:
How to Get the Best Medical Care: A Guide for the Intelligent Patient: an online book from to help patients to get the best medical care, http://www.thebestmedicalcare.com
The Intelligent Doctor’s Guide to the Internet: from Drs. Anjali and Aniruddha Malpani, Medical Director of HELP, http://www.thebestmedicalcare.com/doctors/doctorsguide.htm
The Intelligent Patient’s Guide to the Internet: also from Dr. Malpani, http://www.thebestmedicalcare.com/patients/patientguide.htm

Heart Disease Online: information on heart disease, written so that even your child can understand it—a very readable resource from Dr Mani in India, http://www.chdinfo.com/articles/congenital.shtml

Nutrition Foundation of India: a wealth of original information on nutrition in India, http://www.nutritionfoundationofindia.res.in/index.asp

Dentalindia.com: All about Dentistry in India, http://www.dentalindia.com/

Directory of Indian Medical Sites: A guide to other websites on health and medicine in India from QMed Services, Mumbai, http://www.qmedin.com/medsites/index.htm

King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: One of India's premier hospitals, http://www.kem.edu/

Indiaparenting.com: Everything you want to know about bringing up your child, from IndiaParenting, a private not-for-profit company, http://www.indiaparenting.com/


About Kids Health: Designed to help children and their families learn about the conditions that affect them, keep informed about current research, and learn how to fit disease management seamlessly into an active, healthy lifestyle. Check out the Just for Kids section too, from the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, http://www.aboutkidshealth.ca/

The People’s Medical Society: a US advocacy group in Allentown, PA. They “will arm you with information which can help you to look after yourself during your passage through the medical system,” http://www.peoplesmed.org/

My Virtual Reference Desk: Health and Nutrition. A good starting point for searching the Web for health topics, designed for the layperson from Bob Drudge, family therapist and father of the author of The Drudge Report, http://www.refdesk.com/health.html

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