04 May 2007


Brian Mathews of Georgia Tech University has a great post on his blog, The Ubiquitous Librarian, that would be a good marketing vehicle for your library—no matter what kind it is. The title is Chicken Wings and Egg Rolls: The Library Menu Concept and here is an excerpt. Be sure to look at the post and see the actual menu that was created.

“I constantly get menus from local restaurants that want to deliver food to my apartment. I used to just toss them out, but now I collect them. I’ve become fascinated with appetizers and like to see the full range of possibility. Sure Pizza is the core, but tell me about the wings, the cheese bread, and those cinnamon sticks.

“That’s how I see libraries. Collections are the core, and we need to make sure they’re fantastic, but what about all the accessories and side dishes? We have a ridiculous (but awesome) mix of stuff: cables, headsets, mics, multi-card media readers, laptops, cameras, video cameras, scanning adapters, gorillaPods, MP3 players, graphing calculators, digital voice recorders, wireless presenters w/ laser pointers, zip drives, USB drives, web cams, external DVD burners, and so on. Plus free black and white printing, color printing, large poster-sized printing. AND… most patrons (and staff for that matter) have no idea about all this cool stuff that we have to offer.

URL: http://theubiquitouslibrarian.typepad.com/

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