22 September 2008


I'm sitting here in the lounge of the MS Amadante watching Holland flow by my window (actually, I'm floating by, but let's not be picky). This is day 2 of our cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. We spend 2 days seeing Amsterdam first. It's a beautiful city.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Stephen said...

I loved Holland too. I must have seen 7 different cities and they were all fabulous.
Have fun.

jplie said...

Hello, I wish you a good journey in Europe! I renember always your visit in Stuttgart/Tuebingen two years ago. Juergen

~Kathy Dempsey said...

You're so lucky, Judith! Amsterdam is indeed a beautiful city. (Did you get to see the new PL there?) Hope you'll post some pictures.

Enjoy your trip!

Ms. OPL said...

I'm home now, but it was a wonderful trip.
And yes, I will post photos--as soon as I get them cut from over 1500 to something reasonable. They'll show up on Picasa web and I'll let you know when they're up.