22 October 2008


Marian Dworaczek [University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada] has updated her very detailed list of Library Related Conferences. The current list covers October 2008 through 2015 (for the latter, meetings of just a few organizations are included--like the American Library Association). For earlier years it covers conferences all over the world and "library-related" is somewhat loosely defined. This is great for planning your travels (and continuing education) far in advance or just for seeing what kind of conferences are being held.

URL: http://homepage.usask.ca/~mad204/CONF.HTM


Peter said...

Marian Dworaczek is actually a man, not a "her". Call him to verify at:


Ms. OPL said...

Mea culpa and I apologize. Usually Marian with an "a" is female and Marion with an "o" is male. I should have checked first.