13 January 2007


The latest (January 2007) issue of Computers in Libraries is wonderful! The magazine is now subtitled "The New Face of Libraries" and this issue is on Library 2.0. Here is a list of the articles:

Transformative Shaping with Instant Messaging, Wikis, Interactive Maps, and Flickr, by Darren Chase

Get a (Second) Life! Prospecting for Gold in a 3-D World, by Lori Bell, Tom Peters, and Kitty Pope

Building a Library Web Site on the Pillars of Web 2.0, by Karen Coombs

Mission IM-possible: Starting an Instant Message Reference Service Using Trillian, by Ronalee Ciocco and Alice Hull

Spam Wars: The Battle of the Formbots, by Marshall Breeding

Surfing the Library 2.0 Wave, by Terence Huwe

eLearning about Library 2.0, by Janet Balas

Introducing Libraries in Computers (a new column) by Daniel Chudnov

Get Online, Get Found, Get in the Know! by Rachel Singer Gordon

The Coombs article is available in free full-text at http://www.infotoday.com/cilmag/jan07/index.shtml

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