29 January 2007


A long-overdue update on the special library 2.0 survey
The most used 2.0 tools are RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, social book marking, and IM, in that order. Post has many great ideas for uses of the above. Also, problems with implementation that you may encounter.

Service with a smile
Excerpt: “I think we often forget the positive experiences with patrons and only tend to remember the negative ones…I can honestly state that the patron interactions are the main reason I love working in access services.” Me, too.

Conference Speaking: I Have a Little List
Walt Crawford
summarizes and comments on recent posts on the responsibilities and expectations of conference organizers and speakers. If you are planning on being either, read this post!

The endangered joy of serendipity
One of the worst things about electronic information is that we see only what we were looking for—and not the things we didn’t even know we would find interesting. Well worth a read.

Books Mapped
The folks at Google Book Search are now creating maps of locations found in books. When they have done this for a specific book, there will be a note on the “About this book” page. Some of the ones already done are: Around the World in Eighty Days and The 9/11 Commission Report. Absolutely fascinating.

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