23 January 2007


Top Ten Marketing Podcasts
Although these are not aimed specifically at libraries, there’s a lot that you can learn here.

The Kept-Up Academic Librarian
This blog from Steven Bell [Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] is subtitled “Helping Academic Librarians ‘Keep Up’ With News and Developments In Higher Education” and that’s just what it does. Very interesting and almost a must if you work in a college or university.

Circ and Serve: Service with a Smile
From Mary Carmen Chimato [Stony Brook (New York) University], this is a great blog or anyone in reference, circulation or ILL, academic library or not.

Online Historical Population Reports for the UK
Online access to the complete British population report (similar to the US Census) for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937—over 200,000 pages. There’s not much here for genealogists, but there’s a link on the site to some better resources.

New Online Music Repository
MusOpen is a “community driven, online music repository started by a music and economics college student named Aaron Dunn.” It provides free, unlimited access to music in the public domain, as well as allowing “anyone” to upload their own music. My only qualm is that Dunn will lose interest and MusOpen will fade away.

“A better way to search Wikipedia” is just that. Very useful.

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Anonymous said...

Mary Chimato is no longer at Stony Brook. She has recently taken a position at NCSU.