04 September 2007


Online Education Database created a top 25 librarian bloggers list, “using objective data from reliable sources [to show] which blogs are the most popular, according to visitor traffic and site backlinks. To begin, we found a set of Web sites that met a certain criteria. To become a member of the set of Web sites to be ranked, a Web site must, as of August 14, 2007: be listed on the DMOZ page Library and Information Science: Weblogs and be a blog written by a librarian; or be listed in the top 200 results for a Google search for ‘librarian blog’ and be primarily a blog site; and not be hosted on a subdomain of a domain whose purpose is not primarily related to a blog written by a librarian.To this end, we used data for these four metrics to calculate the rankings: Google PageRank, Alexa Rank (toolbar users), Technorati Authority, and Bloglines Subscribers.”

This methodology is far from perfect. What about those using Google Reader (like me), or not using the Alexa toolbar (whatever that is)? And the list of blogs is missing some important ones, like Baby Boomer Librarian, David Lee King, Federal Info Pro, InfoBuzzz, It’s all good, Librarian of Fortune, Librarians Matter, Library Boy, Library Garden, Library Marketing: Thinking Outside the Book, Library Revolution, LibraryCrunch, Musings of a Medical Librarian Maven, Out of the Jungle, Rambling Librarian: Incidental Thoughts of a Singapore Liblograrian, Shelved in the W’s, Stephen’s Lighthouse, Strategic Librarian, Tame the Web, The Corporate Librarian, The Kept-Up Academic Librarian, The Liminal Librarian, and Young Librarian. (And these are just the ones I follow that weren’t on their list.)

But, it’s nice to be included.

See the raw scores for all 55 blogs in their set—including OPL Plus—at


Top 25:

1. librarian.net

2. The Shifted Librarian

3. Librarian in Black

4. Free Range Librarian

5. Law Librarian Blog

6. A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

7. The Travelin’ Library

8. Walt [Crawford] at Random

9. Filipino Librarian

10. h20boro lib blog

11. InfoTangle

12. The Ubiquitous Librarian

13. Confessions of a Science Librarian

14. Libraryman

15. Google Librarian Centrral

16. The Days &Nights of the Lipstick Librarian

17. Vancouver Law Librarian Blog

18. Annoyed Librarian

19. Librarian (Kathleen de la Pena Cook)

20. Connie Crosby

21. The Handheld Librarian

22. The Other Librarian

23. Alternative Teen Services

24. Jason the Content Librarian

25. The Krafty Librarian

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