14 September 2007


"New report from Outsell confirms what librarians knew all along. "

This was the subtitle of an article by Daniel Griffin about a new Outsell report, Information Management 2.0 Advances Collaboration, Communication and Knowledge Management, by Joanne Lustig, It is a follow-up to their earlier our report, Information Management Best Practices: Enterprise 2.0 and is available as a PDF download for US$395.00.

The report “showed that on average, information end-users cut the amount of time they spent on tasks by nine hours for each session and also saved over $2,000 in costs. According to the report, two-thirds of respondents say that the enterprise library resources assisted in making a significant decision. …the most significant amount was in the corporate and government funded sectors. The greatest financial savings came from the corporate world with direct costs of information saving a $3,107 for each use, government users reported a saving of $2,575.” It also showed that libraries in the corporate world generated [an average of] US$6570 in revenue.

’s article in Information World Review, http://www.iwr.co.uk/information-world-review/news/

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