19 September 2007


GP (General Practice) Notebook is an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate reference resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally.” As of mid-September 2007, it had over 26,000 pages of information. You can browse by clinical chapters (29 of them) or use their search facility. I looked up my usual test phrase (peripheral neuropathy) and found possible causes, links to related conditions, and five articles (one from GPnotebook, one from emedicine.com, two from US journals—one scholarly and one from an association, and an international journal). Not much, but often I find nothing, so that’s a good sign. The service is from Oxbridge Solutions Ltd and authors are listed as from Warwick University, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, one medical student, and three physicians in private practice—seems like a good mix to me. This should be a very useful resource when used with other sites like PubMed, etc.

URL: http://gpnotebook.co.uk/

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