03 September 2007


There is a great new librarian song, Addy Will Know, by the indie pop band SNMNMNM. “Serving as a musical tribute to the modern librarian, it is about a real librarian [related to one of the band members] who leads a lost patron to the four books he is looking for. The names of the books are never mentioned, but as a kind of puzzle, the song itself includes call numbers that correspond to the books hinted at in the verses.”

The band invites you to participate in this phenomenon.

“Record yourself singing the song at work or school, upload your video to sendspace or yousendit then email us (snmnmnm@gmail.com, with subject as Addy+Will+Know+-+Video+Submissions) the link. We will edit your video with all the others, creating a video collage of modern librarians.

“Be one of the first ten librarians to identify the books of the call numbers mentioned in the song and you will win a copy of the new cd Crawl Inside Your Head.” Winners’ names will be posted on the wiki.


download the song at http://addywillknow.pbwiki.com/Addy+Will+Know+-+Song+Page

Addy wiki: http://addywillknow.pbwiki.com/
Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/

Yousendit: http://www.yousendit.com/

Contest rules: http://addywillknow.pbwiki.com/Addy+Will+Know+-+Contest+Rules

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Becky said...

I love that song! thanks for posting :)