27 March 2007


Ivan Chew announces the Singapore Social Media Directory (really, a wiki) to make it easy to find blogs by people or groups in Singapore. There are two main sections: listings by individual and by groups. Entries are listed in alphabetical order. There is also provision for up to twenty phrases or keywords—to facilitate searching by subject. Of course, the directory is searchable.

Chew calls this a “Social Experiment” because the wiki will be opened for anyone to edit. You don’t eve need to be a registered member. He adds, “It’s worth trying out the idea. The cost of failure isn’t that high. The world won’t end if this experiment crashes and burns. No one will die of embarrassment if nobody responds to this. So let the Social Experiment begin!”

Announcement: http://ramblinglibrarian.blogspot.com/2007/03/
Wiki: http://sgsocialmediadir.wikispaces.com/

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Ivan Chew said...

Thanks for the plug, Judith :)