28 March 2007


Lisa Redlinski asked the following on the Solo electronic list (SLA-DSOL).”There’s a big ruckus about gaming in public and academic libraries, but what about special libraries? Are any of you collecting or providing games to patrons?”

Here is my response. For those of others, check the list.

I think we should be thinking about turning the website and the catalog into a “game” or at least make using it fun and in a format that the MIllennials are used to. Then they might actually USE it!

I talked to the librarian in an architectural firm who had architects with their own private desk collections. She was wondering how she could give access to these to the younger associates. This would be applicable to a law firm, engineering company, consulting firm, etc., too.

How about making a virtual reality model of the firm? Each principal’s/partner’s office would have an avatar of the principal, a list of his/her books, and a way to ask questions either in real time or by leaving a written (electronic) message. If the technology got good enough, a person could ask the avatar a question and, because the principal had loaded it with enough information, the avatar could answer it or refer the person to a book or another person. This way, the principal would not be bothered in real life--only virtually.

I’m not a gamer, but I can see how this would be advantageous to everyone. Anyone “game” enough to try it?

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