02 August 2007


"Mondaq is one of the most comprehensive electronic resource of professionals' knowledge and expertise...supplied directly by hundreds of the world's leading professional advisors from over 80 countries." It covers "commentaries, analysis and news updates concerning legislative, regulatory, and business issues related to international trade and investment..."

Categories include: antitrust/competition; banking and financial; construction, property and real estate; corporate/company, environmental and energy; European Union and international; finances, accounting, and consultancy; government and public sector; immigration; information technology and telecommunications; insurance and transport; intellectual property; labor and employment; litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution; media and entertainment; offshore; pharmaceutical, healthcare and life sciences; taxation law;and press releases.

Access and free personalized news alerts are free. It is supported by the "Big Four" accounting firms.

URL: http://www.mondaq.com/

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