09 August 2007


New Scientist magazine is online. Subjects and features covered are: space, technology, environment, jobs, news, and blogs on space, technology, “short sharp science,” environment, and invention. There are also special reports, an archive, a RSS feed, and e-zine, exclusive features, a picture gallery, video exclusives, and podcasts.

URL: http://www.newscientist.com/home.ns

The Globalist “provides a daily account of the key issues before the global community. Combining cutting-edge analysis with first-rate storytelling, [it] covers the most important issues, people, companies and organizations shaping the global economy, politics and culture. We focus on what unites and divides countries, societies and cultures, what challenges they face in the global era—and what solutions they offer to the global community. Through cross-country comparisons, our features provide the key to understanding our common future.” Globalization Topics covered: Children, Companies, Culture, Development, Diplomacy, Economy, Environment, Finance, Health, History, Markets, Media, Music, People, Politics, Religion, Security, Sports, Technology, and Women. Also included: Today in history, Quote of the day, Fact of the day, and Link of the day. Available in English, French, and German.


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