22 August 2007


For Pharmacy Librarians
PharmLib Wiki
is divided into the following categories: hot topics (informatics, law, cultural competence, outreach), collection development, education and training of students, professional development, research, and community (homepages of pharmacy librarians and libraries, subject guides, and related wikis). It is new, so there’s no that much here, but it looks like it will be a great resource. It is the creation of KT Vaughn [University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA].

URL: http://pharmlib.pbwiki.com/

For Multimedia Librarians
Multimedia Librarian
is a wiki plus electronic list. Topics are: copyright; digital preservation; digital rights management; digital libraries; film, music and art media preservation; tools for interoperability and delivery of media; professional societies and associations; listservs; multimedia literacy; film industry news; critical reviews of film and music; research centers; professional resources; and blogs. This looks like it could be a very comprehensive portal for digital and media librarians.

URL: http://multimedialibrarian.wikia.com
To subscribe to the list: http://lists.wikia.com/mailman/

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