27 August 2007


The RAND Corporation and the US National Science Foundation have created RaDiUS, “the most comprehensive database of information on federally-funded research and development.” It is free, but you have to request a password. There is a user handbook and glossary of terms—nice. Note: “Certain records in RaDiUS can only be accessed by employees of agencies of the Federal Government and/or entities that are a direct party to a contract with federal agencies, as defined in FAC 90-40, Part 2.101, or that are participating in formal potential contractor programs sponsored by federal agencies. Access to some of these records is further restricted to only employees of DOD [Department of Defense] and DOD contractors and participants in DOD's Potential Contractor Programs, while access to others is restricted to only employees of DOE [Department of Energy].”

URL: https://radius.rand.org/radius/index.html (be sure to type https)

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