28 August 2007


I got my password for RaDiUS and did a quick search so I can tell you how it works. I entered the term “library” and got 1974 hits just for fiscal year 2006! They were listed by federal organization: the most were for Health and Human Services with over 1200. I chose one from the US Department of Agriculture.

What was in the record? I won’t give you the details because there are security issues, but it had a short description of the project, the department and division sponsoring it, the type of funding mechanism (this one was “extramural/cooperative agreement,” start and end dates, who is doing the work and their location (contact name and phone), “Average FY Federal Funding,” and “FY Actual Funding” (both Federal and non-Federal). It’s not a lot of information, but may be useful to some of your customers.

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