07 October 2007


The anonymous blogger at Blawg Review listed the “top ten law blogs he thinks are simply the best.

Above the Law (USA), “a legal tabloid”—behind the scenes, http://www.abovethelaw.com/

Adam Smith, Esq.(
USA), an inquiry into the economics of law firms,”
Balkanization (USA), http://balkin.blogspot.com/
Concurring Opinions (USA), http://www.concurringopinions.com/
Deliberations (USA), juries and jury trials, http://jurylaw.typepad.com/
f/k/a/ (USA), ethics and politics, http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/ethicalesq/
May It Please the Court (USA), http://www.mayitpleasethecourt.com/journal.asp?
QuizLaw (USA), http://www.quizlaw.com/
Sentencing Law and Policy (USA), part of the Law Professors Network,
The Volokh Conspiracy (USA), http://www.volokh.com/

He also challenged other blawgers to choose their own “best.” Here is the list from the (again) anonymous blogger at lo-fi librarian:
Slaw (
Canada), http://www.slaw.ca/
Enquiring Minds Want to Know (UK), http://enquiring-minds.net/
LI Issues (UK), legal publishing, http://ligissues.blogspot.com/
Jennie Law (Scotland), http://jennielaw.blogspot.com/
Information Overlord (UK), law firm librarian Scott Vine,
Connie Crosby (Canada), http://conniecrosby.blogspot.com/
Library etc. (USA), Web 2.0 libraries, http://neilstewart.wordpress.com/
Vancouver Law Librarian (Canada), http://vancouverlawlib.blogspot.com/

and two non-librarians he enjoys:
Binary Law (UK), Nick Holmes, the original blogger, http://www.binarylaw.co.uk/
Charon Q.C. (UK), http://charonqc.wordpress.com/

Blawg Review’s top ten: http://blawgreview.blogspot.com/2007/10/simply-best.html
lo-fi librarian: http://www.lo-fi-librarian.co.uk/?p=720

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