07 October 2007


The founders of NOZA [Santa Barbara, California] were professional nonprofit fundraisers They have built a searchable database containing more than 26 million charitable donation records (growing by 1,000,000 records monthly). Their mission? “To help nonprofits raise more money, and spend less money doing it.”

You can search for free—you can only search the over 825,000 foundation records and are limited to 1000 records per search. For US$25 and up, you also have access to records of donations from people and companies, with a limit of 2000 results per search. You only pay for the full records you view at prices from 5 to 12 cents per record, depending on the package you buy.

The database includes over 2800 cities in all 50 states. It is comprised of detailed charitable gift information that has been collected from publicly available sources, such as Internet-based annual reports, newsletters, campaign honor rolls, press releases, event sponsor lists, etc. Full donation records contain: donor name, dollar range of donation, category, year, recipient organization name and location (including website), recipient organization program scope and activity, and hyperlink to internet location where data was found.

They also have a free tutorial—Prospect Research 101—and downloadable prospect research workbook and profile template.


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