05 October 2007


Walt Crawford, late of OCLC/RLG, has found a new home as Director and Managing Editor of PALINET's Leadership Network. The PALINET [Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) Area Library and Information Network] Leadership Network is an innovative online member service for library leaders designed to create a community of practice by sharing informative articles, forums on current issues, and collaborative discussions on cutting-edge topics. Designed as a wiki platform, the PALINET Leadership Network provides the latest innovations and most current leadership information in the library arena and beyond. Developed in partnership with the Library Leadership Network (LLN), it is an ideal vehicle for staying current with literature, blogs, and other leadership conversations, as well as a critical tool for mentoring staff.

1 comment:

waltc said...

Thanks. Two little corrections:

1. I used to work for RLG, then the OCLC RLG Service Center. (I've never worked for ARL, an entirely different organization.)

2. The new job is Director and Managing Editor. And I'm excited about it.