10 October 2007


Vandelay Website Design & Blog Customization [Savannah, Georgia, USA] has a great website, Vandelaydesign (http://www.vandelaydesign.com/blog). Here are some ideas from two of their recent posts. Be sure to read the originals for even more ideas.

13 Ways to Create Unique, Original Blog Content,

1. Be Independent: Sometimes you may be able to put a new spin on an old subject, but your most creative ideas are unlikely to come from other blogs.
2. Get Personal: One of the reasons there is so much repetitive content in the make-money-blogging niche is that a lot of people write about what they read from others, rather than writing from their own experiences.
3. Brainstorm: It’s one of the most effective ways to create your own ideas and stand out.
4. Keep a Journal: An idea journal is ideal because it gives you one place to keep all of your ideas and incomplete thoughts and projects.
5. Keep an Open Mind: Don’t eliminate an idea for a potential blog post if it doesn’t come together right away.
6. Take a Stand: Try writing from a perspective that doesn’t go along with everyone else, and you’re guaranteed to be more unique than the others.
7. Expand: Occasionally go back through your archives and look for posts that could be the staring block for new and separate ideas, or look for those that lend themselves to be updated.
8. Dig Deeper: Write about a little-known aspect of something that is covered a lot.
9. Know Your Subject: Without substantial knowledge, all you will be able to write about is basic information.
10. Solve Problems: Focus on solving the problems of your readers. If you can provide that solution you’ll be the first to do so, and they’ll remember you.
11. Act Quickly: Don’t sit on your best ideas, someone else may beat you to the punch.
12. Plan Ahead: This will give you the time you need to make sure that your content is unique before it is published.
13. Give Yourself Some Freedom: Don’t put yourself in a box as far as what topics you can and can’t write about.

What Makes Good Blog Design?

1. Content Should be the Focus: Simplicity is common for blogs that want to emphasize the content.
2. Ease of Navigation: Readers will come to your blog through search engines, links from other blogs, RSS feeds, social media sites, etc. This makes navigation even more important.
3. Loads Quickly: By keeping your blog clean and free of unnecessary items you can really cut down on the time it takes to load.
4. Content Start High on the Page: More of your visitors will pay attention to your articles if they start higher on the page… they’ll be more prone to scroll down for the rest.
5. Memorable for Visitors: Make it easy for your visitors to remember your blog and standout from all of the free themes by customizing a theme yourself, or by having a blog theme professionally designed.
6. Not Overrun with Ads: Your readers will feel like they are not a priority to you if advertisements take center stage.
7. Compatibility with Multiple Browsers: In order to know that you blog is functioning well you’ll need to test it in multiple browsers.
8. Good Use of Color: The best designs effectively use color to improve the appearance. Check out the resources listed in Find the Perfect Colors for Your Website.
9. Easy to Read: Use headlines, white space, lists, and bold text to make it easy for readers.
10. Important Items Should Be in Prominent Positions: The most important links, images, etc. should generally go above the fold so that visitors will see them right away.

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