18 October 2007


Stephen Abram [SirsiDynix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada] posted a list of five library-oriented cartoons. If you aren’t getting them, try one or two.

1. Unshelved, http://unshelved.com It is written by a real librarian and, although set in the Mallville Public Library, can be appreciated by all librarians. I really love it.

2. Shelf Check, http://shelfcheck.blogspot.com As Abram says, “edgy and timely.”

3. Turn the Page, http://librarycartoons.blogspot.com Newer, not daily, but “skewed” and great fun.

4. bLaugh, http://blaugh.com For bloggers.--and others.

5. User Friendly, http://www.userfriendly.org/. “Is a daily strip with a great cast of characters from the programming and help desk work of software development.” I haven’t see it yet (but will), but Abram’s recommendation is good enough for me.

URL: http://stephenslighthouse.sirsidynix.com/archives/


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Emily Lloyd said...

Thanks for the link. And, just for the record, "Shelf Check" is written by a real public librarian, too [grin]. I'm with Hennepin County.