28 April 2009


Laurel Tarulli [Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) Public Libraries] has a wonderful post on her blog, The Cataloging Librarian, on Bridging the Gap between New Generation Librarians and Boomers. Here’s just a part of it.

"Here are some simple facts (as I see them) about generational gaps and bridging them:

"Age. No one wants to be reminded how old they are and no one wants to be reminded how young they are. While an occasional comment meant to lighten the mood regarding age might be regarded as funny once, continual comments about age serve as a reminder to that individual that they are either a.) Older and perhaps their knowledge and ideas are outdated or b.) Younger and their ideas are not developed or worthy of consideration. Either way, it’s a put down and it’s inappropriate.

"Acknowledge that a gap exists. Gaps occur in experience as well as age. There are new professionals who are 50 and more experienced professionals who are 40. Taking pains to point out levels of experience or exhibiting actions to create “barriers” is just as much of a gap as the age factor.

"Perceptions and Insecurities. Believe it or not, your job can be done without you. You are replaceable. If you have the opportunity to work with a rising star, don’t feel threatened by their potential, nurture it. If you’re a next gener and you have the opportunity to work with a talented and energetic boomer, don’t make remarks about taking their job or stressing how you would do things differently if you were them. Learn from each other.

"Respect and compromise. While there will always be a gap among the generations, there are ways to take advantage of it. Rely on boomers for their experience, knowledge and expertise. Rely on next geners for their enthusiasm, ideas, energy and drive. In essence, it is a great partnership because the gap provides qualities that complement each other.

"One thing I’ve come to understand as a librarian working primarily with "boomers" is that a generation gap will always exist. I haven’t lived as long nor do I have the perceived life experience. I have my own experiences, perhaps more than some for my age, and a satisfactory list of professional accomplishments (with hopefully more to come!). I also do not apologize for my age any more than I expect my co-workers to apologize for theirs. I don’t want to be older, I don’t want to rush forward to get past this gap. And perhaps, this is where the gap is finally bridged–in an acceptance of where we are at in our careers and our lives. This comes from within and, as professionals it is our responsibility to attempt to achieve this."

URL: http://laureltarulli.wordpress.com/2009/04/16/bridging-the-gap-between-new-generation-librarians-and-boomers/

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