28 April 2009


Globe of Blogs was launched on February 1, 2002 by Heather R. (she keeps her real name a big secret). At the time there were no other weblog directories online. You can search by author’s name, author’s birthday (why?), title, topic, or location. I searched “library science” got zillions, but only 50 were really library-ish blogs. It would be nice if you could really search by topics that were assigned by the blogger. But I still found a substantial number of interesting blogs that were new to me.

This is very interesting, if flawed, site and worth a look. If you like it, you can even buy a t-shirt, mug, or poster at cafepress.com. You can’t say that about many (any?) other blogs.

As of late April 2009, there were 68,201 weblogs registered.
North America: 39249 (58 percent)
Europe: 13197 (19 percent
Asia: 8351 (12 percent)
Australasia: 2310 (3 percent)
South America: 1905 (3 percent)
Other: 1458 (2 percent)
Africa: 1000 (1 percent)
West Indies: 425
Central America: 138
Pacific Ocean: 100
Indian Ocean: 33
Atlantic Ocean: 26

URL: http://www.globeofblogs.com/

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